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TUBE table

Eugeni Quitllet

Thanks to its tubular curves and smooth, dynamic lines, the Tube table enhances any kind of space. Its continual steel tube, three legs and steel top make it the ideal table to combine the convenience of easy maintenance with the beauty of precise forms.
These features make the Tube table a unique item, especially suitable for hospitality and catering projects but with an added advantage: the personality it offers both for interiors and outdoors.
The collection is completed with the two versions of the Tube chair, with the same appearance and materials as the table.

Eugeni Quitllet

Eugeni Quitllet, Ibiza, 1972.

Studied in Barcelona and began his international career alongside Philippe Stark. In its way abroad he has grown curiosity and desire to excel collaborating with global firms. In 2011, he returned to Barcelona and founded his own studio. Eugeni Quitllet's creativity always surprise, it's brilliant and very expressive.

His designs are resisting trends and they have their own style, iconic and true at the same time. He has been described as refreshing designer, tireless seeker and a lover of technology; he defines himself as a "disoñador" ("dreamsigner", designer and dreamer) who follows an instinctive process.

For him, the design should be exceptional; each object means a challenge, a curious look into the matter to see what kind of designs are hidden inside.