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With the CLASSICS catalogue, Mobles 114 aims to help revive items of furniture and objects that, thanks to their design and values, have become icons that form part of our universal memory and cultural heritage.

CLASSICS represents the desire of Mobles 114 to revive products and objects chosen with a profound admiration by their designers and to do so with the rigour required to make designs that inspire and are iconic, and with the respect warranted by the transmitters of cultural values that form part of the material heritage of society. We feel particularly proud of being able to produce products that have been designed by internationally renowned creators and that have passed the test of time.

CLASSICS also results from a feeling of responsibility to rescue from oblivion those items of furniture and objects that have perhaps not received the recognition they warrant but which are undeniable classics thanks to their continuing relevance and modernity today.
That's why Mobles 114 constantly searches for furniture and objects that deserve to be re-released and placed on the market so they can be shared with others.

Above all Mobles 114 aims to raise awareness of all those designers who have contributed, with their creations, to improving our society's quality of life, and to pay them the homage they deserve.