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Mobles 114 editions specialises in producing contemporary furniture and fittings and is based in Barcelona. The m114 brand, founded in 1973, is committed to improving the quality of public places and homes with unique, timeless designs.

Tradition and modernity come together in the different brochures published by Mobles 114 in the world of contemporary design. We foster creativity and design in interiors and architecture via five brochures with a wide range of products that, as a whole, give shape to a common aesthetic proposal identified by the Mobles 114 brand.

Our products are published after due consideration and comprehension of what each proposal specifically requires; that's why we place our trust in designers to publish items of furniture that go beyond the creative process and investigate material development, that go beyond their role and become a solution, always serving the demands of quality and practicality and with the aim of anticipating user needs.
Our items of furniture are created by internationally renowned designers, comprising a coherent, solid catalogue.

In their production we're committed to innovation and technology, to choosing long-lasting materials and industrialisation techniques while paying great respect to the creative process, aesthetics and practicality, and all achieved within a model of sustainable consumption.

Since it was first set up, Mobles 114 has witnessed changes in society and culture and has offered its own view to the world of design, harmonising humanistic values with its own approach and language. It is precisely because of this contribution and dedication in creating the product catalogue that Mobles 114 has been awarded a large number of prizes throughout its history, such as the National Design Award in 2001 (Spain).

Mobles 114, an agent of change towards a sustainable model.

Aware that 70% of the environmental impact of products and services is determined during the design stage, Mobles 114 sees design as a means of bringing about paradigmatic changes towards a sustainable model.

We are committed to better products. From the design stage through to manufacturing, distribution and marketing, the company strives for environmental coherence in its final product.

Mobles 114 brings history and stories to life, turning them into good quality furniture, long-lasting, sustainable and of great beauty. In many of its projects it collaborates with designers who are sensitive towards the environmental issue, who look for functionality and aesthetics using natural, local materials with a comprehensive view beyond the item of furniture itself.

We apply various eco-design strategies in our production: 100% recycled and recyclable materials; locally sourced or produced materials or natural materials; designs that are easy to assemble and dismantle; products made from a single material whose components can be recycled at the end of their life cycle, and minimal volumes to reduce consumption as a result of transport; as well as a design that emphasises high quality and durability in the final product.

Products that never go out of fashion, that last because they offer something more than just a mere function, because they remain coherent in each phase of the process of design, manufacture, distribution, use and useful life. These are well-designed items of furniture, well-made and well-conceived from the beginning to the end.

Mobles 114 thereby becomes an agent of change towards a more sustainable and responsible consumption, influencing its chain of suppliers and also its clients with a sustainable, competitive proposal: a benchmark in finding eco-innovative solutions in the furniture industry. 

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