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COLLECTION contains designer chairs, tables and accessories, produced and selected by Mobles 114 with the utmost attention to quality and coherence, in order to create practical, comfortable interiors. Furniture with a hospitable appearance, suitable for workplaces, group areas, hotels and other commercial establishments, as well as being appropriate for home interiors.

The importance of the space where people spend their lives, where they share their experiences with their contemporaries, means that any architectural or interior design project begins with its own particular story. Helping to improve this story is the aim of Mobles 114, with the will to help create the perfect space for each function and each story.

COLLECTION furniture is made for intensive use but still employs hospitable forms and materials. Creativity and the careful selection of designers have ensured a catalogue with seats, tables and accessories that are both timeless and contemporary, some of these products being available on the market for more than thirty years.